Excerpt from MRSHUTUPANDTRAIN #21daychallenge

Prepare for Success

To be prepared to make the best of your challenge, don’t go at it alone, locate your accountability partner and take advantage of the online support system (trust me your not the only one struggling). However, mental focus and discipline are extremely important to achieving your goals. Let’s talk a little about your mindset..

“What is your WHY?”… What is the reason you’re wanting to live a healthy life, lose weight, and/or create your new body?? Until you identify why you’re here and why you will stay committed when it gets tough, then success will not happen!

You must have clear Fitness Goals and a real driving desire. Get out a piece of paper and quickly set some short and long-term goals. You MUST figure out, write down, then post your “WHY” reason(s) with hashtag #MyWhyIs… and #TotalFit.


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