Word for the week: “forgiveness” sometimes we just have to let things go…. Often we miss out on our blessings because we hold on to things that have hurt us in the past thus creating a cycle of hurt, your hurting and your trying to move on but you can’t because you failed to realize you must heal before you can move on and in turn you hurt the very obvious thing you long for the most … “Love” this situation is not intentional but it happens and you then lose out on love example ever heard the term “the one that got away”? Word to the wise…. Heal your broken heart before you break a heart.


Property Value: You LIFEstyle Equals YOU

Have you ever noticed when your house/car is messy, your life is messy, there are certain physical things the reflect our lives directly. Once the physical is clear you can start to see your own issues. Nobody’s house is perfect, some need repairs others need a touch up paint but at the end of the day it’s your house. You determine the property value.

The WOMAN Power

The things you can do to inspire woman’s heart once you completely have her mind…some brothers choose to use that power un-wisely…they take that great woman for granted…Slip up if you want..soon as you think she’s falling…someone else will be there to catch her…and his inspiration will be just what GOD intended for her to have…‪#‎Reality‬,… Well said.

January 1, 2015

My first workout of 2015! Charity Wells

Yesssssss first.workout of 2015 and im my way to total body transformation! Definitely not playing as I transition into fitness modeling my road will not be easy. Thanks for your continued support!!!! ‪#‎eatclean‬ ‪#‎135lbsquats‬ ‪#‎vipfit‬
Music by Indian River Counties own @nessasary ‪#‎oiin‬ ‪#‎hometeam‬‪#‎floridasown‬

Trainer @cherrybomb_bodies
Partner @alegend23

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You may view the full video on ‪#‎youtube‬ Channel: ‪#‎msrarebreedtv‬


Pain can create a deep scar that is hard to heal, example I have keloid skin therefore I heal fast but the area is not quite the same, never looks the same, never will feel the same, always a reminder of something painful that was once there…. Turn your pain into beauty, heal from your pain, and learn from it.

My Journey has not been easy…..

I know what its like to be broke… that sinking feeling in your stomach when u get an eviction notice if the rent is not paid in full. when u have to put some money on each bill to keep them from being shut off instead of paying them in full. When your at the grocery store and your card gets declined and u gotta put things back. Robbing peter to pay paul in order to get your car fixed…… I know exactly what it feels like to be broke. Thats why I bust my butt and grind 125% everyday so I don’t feel like that again!……….